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Wholesale Products


Hey and welcome to Grace & Cotton!

We are a faith based, southern t-shirt company boasting unique hand-drawn designs and we would love to be part of your store!

How can your store benefit from selling our tees?

Well, here is what our customers and current retailers have told us. First of all, they love that we make faith based Christian t-shirts and that our company gives back. We constantly receive compliments on the quality and the softness of our tees, not too "thick or scratchy" like other popular t-shirt brands.

There is safety in carrying popular, well known t-shirt brands that bring customers in to your store, but there can be also safety in having something different to offer customers that will make them choose your store over dozens of others. We can be that different brand.

Below you will find our wholesale pricing and requirements. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests.

~ Katie :)

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 2019 Collections

*Summer Shirts on now in Stock!


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Our Requirements

Short Sleeve Pricing

1-74 shirts = $10.50 per shirt (+$2 for XXL)

75-143 shirts = $10 per shirt (+$2 for XXL)

144+ shirts = $9.50 per shirt (+$2 for XXL)

~ We require a $500 opening order and a minimum order of $200 for all further orders/re-orders unless we are running a special, which we do from time to time.

~ We do allow you to purchase samples at wholesale price any time if you would like to see it in person before making a decision. (One shirt per design only. Sizes depend on our warehouse stock. Brand new summer 2019 tees are unavailable for samples until June 2019. You are responsible for shipping fees. The amount spent on samples will go towards your opening or your next order with us.)

~ We offer free shipping for first time opening orders.

~ Your tees will ship via USPS priority mail or UPS by date specified on Spring/Summer/Fall pre-orders and within 1-3 weeks after your re-order has been placed unless we are currently out of stock.

~ We carry sizes S-2X. Other sizes may be ordered upon request.

~ Payment is due at the time of shipment via email invoice (paypal, shopify or square.) If you prefer a check, the check will have to clear before your order can be shipped.

~ Orders can be placed via email, over the phone or using the contact form below. Please provide Name of design as written below and total pieces per size.

~ Our retail price is what we charge online, you are free to decide what price works best for your store. However we ask that you do not sell/mark down below $15.


Did you know that I also do custom tees?!

Would you like a specific design for your store, town or state? Maybe even for a specific holiday or event? I can do that :) Whether it's adding a name or place to one of our existing tees or coming up with a whole new one, I can create a tee unique to you. Send me an inquiry about custom tees below and I'd be happy to work out details!

Example - This tee was created specifically for my hometown for the Iris festival that takes place at these gardens. I personally sold out and the local store that carried them has re-ordered 3 times. :) The store also requested different colors than my mock up, happy to accommodate them with 4 custom colors!



Thanks so much for your time! I look forward to hearing from you! Please, please feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback :)