Sit Still – Grace and Cotton

Sit Still

I just happened upon this verse the other night and it has stuck with me the past few days as I am playing the waiting game.
The hardest peace sometimes, is just doing nothing.....because there is nothing you can do. The outcome is 100% out of your control.....and that is a terrifying feeling. It is really hard to just sit and wait for....well, something that could be fine or something that could really be a tough situation.
I know it is in this time that God is teaching me (the always in control, with a loose plan haha) complete trust and rest in Him.
Hard? Oh yes. Easy? Um, no.
But there is Grace.
When I am weak, that is when God shows up and He makes me strong. When anxiety and fear creeps up, He calms me down. Each day is just a little bit easier and He continues to give me joy that I know only comes from Him, cause it sure ain't coming from me that's for sure.
So, to all of yall feeling anxious today, as I am, I pray God holds us close and teaches us to be still and trust that His way is perfect, because it is.


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