Our Story – Grace and Cotton

Our Story

Hey Y'all

I'm Katie, the Owner and creative mind behind Grace and Cotton Apparel. Our company launched in 2017 with our first design, "Mason Jars and Cotton". It was a total hit and still is our best selling tee.
I have been drawing for......forever and have a sliiiiight obsession with t -shirts, so the idea to create my own line has been in the back of my mind for a while.
It is my something I've always wanted to do, but didn't think I could, and some days still don't think I can, but would always wonder if I didn't try, business that I have chosen probably the craziest season in my life to pursue because I have chosen to leave my career as a Physical Therapist and stay home with my kiddos who are 4 and 2.
I hand-draw all my shirt designs in my spare time, which is usually at night when the girls are asleep and my husband and I Netflix binge. :)  #SAHMLIFE
I  believe in giving back which is why we give 10% to our local Christian Women's Pregnancy Clinic, The Piedmont Women's Center. They Provide free Ultrasounds, pre and post-natal care as well as counseling.
I have also recently created a unique way to help missionaries and those in need of a way to raise money by creating custom t-shirts in which they sell for a profit that goes towards their fundraising needs, called SEND ME.
My desire for this business is to use my artistic gifts to create tees that inspire, uplift and encourage women with God's word and also add a little bit of my Southern upbringing to the designs as well.
I hope yall like wearing them as much as I love making them!
*     *     *