SEND ME - Fundraiser Tees – Grace and Cotton

SEND ME - Fundraiser Tees

I have always had a heart for missions, I was actually almost going to go on the mission field there for a while, but God obviously had other plans for me. But I have still been on numerous short trips in and out of the country that have been life changing every time.

I believe that God gives us talents and abilities for a reason and wants us to use them for his glory, whether it is going on the mission field or making t-shirts to help someone pay to go on the mission field. Neither one is more important in His eyes. So that's why I take on a few of these fundraisers along and along to help people earn some extra money to help pay for their trips, or fund other important needs.

Each shirt design is a custom creation and a limited edition to that particular fundraiser.

Every fundraiser is a pre-order, meaning it will take a few weeks for shirts to come in after the final closing date for orders. We do this so the person doing the fundraiser does not have to come up with money initially to have the shirts made and then have to worry about having enough of the right size or being stuck with any of them. (Which is what I have to deal with in this business haha) That's no fun, so we appreciate your patience :)